World Human Rights Day: Nigerians allege govt is paying lip service to residents’ demands – Pegars News

As the world celebrates the World Human Rights Day, Nigerians have known as on the Federal Government not to pay lip service to the safety of lives, properties and individuals’s rights.

The authorities has additionally been tasked to revisit the root trigger of the 2020 EndSars protest.

Reacting to the theme of the World Human Rights Day, 2022, “Dignity, Freedom and Justice for all”, they chided the chief, saying most residents have misplaced belief in the authorities of the day.

Adeleke Olagundoye, talking to Pegars on Saturday mentioned, from independence, Nigeria has not been honest with itself.

“The army made it even worse though they are Nigerians like us. What Nigerians have accomplished to fellow Nigerians since 1960 is greater than what the British did from 1861 to 1960.

“When Olusegun Obasanjo got here in as president in 1999 and set up the Oputa panel, we all heaved a sigh of aid. We thought it was an avenue for the sufferer and villain to meet face-to-face and settle their quarrel. Nobody was arresting anyone.

“We just wanted to hear ‘simple sorry’ but our so-called big men and power brokers refused to respect the peace and reconciliation panel. They refused to come and even dared the government to arrest them. Nigerians lost the opportunity to heal and since then, I’m sorry to say, I lost faith in this country.”

Folakemi Abimbola on her half requested the Federal Government to revisit the points that led to the EndSARS nationwide protest towards the police in 2020.

She said that the protests had been an explosion of feelings in response to the alleged and perceived heavy-handedness of the Nigerian Police.

She disclosed that after the protests, nothing was accomplished to forestall future occurrences and the police have gone forward to kill extra harmless Nigerians.

“You can imagine, the panel of inquiry set up by state governments, what have been their conclusions? Nigerians just came and spoke English and aged tears but what came out at the end? Have we seen any compensation? Have we seen any prosecution? I am tired of this country but that does not make me less patriotic. I still believe in Nigeria but I don’t trust the system.”

Corroborating, Samuel Olohunwa added that each sufferer of human proper violation in Nigeria wanted to be compensated.

“Some lives have been misplaced, limbs have been misplaced, eyes and different physique components have been misplaced. Goods and properties have been misplaced, some are laying sick and completely disabled as a result of their rights had been violated and no one is speaking and nothing has been accomplished.

“Some Nigerians have been wounded for life. Some women have been abused and have misplaced self-esteem for life. Some are in psychological establishments as we speak as a result of they didn’t get justice. Until we deal with this injustice, we would proceed to deceive ourselves with window dressing and ceremonies.

“Work needs to be done and if the government does not help. The citizens won’t. Look at America today, we are all running there because people fought to get their rights. In Nigeria, we have fought and died. We will continue to fight until we get it right.”

A scholar activist, Afolabi Akinade added that the spirit of activism would not die till the rights of Nigerians as stakeholders in the nation’s commonwealth was achieved.

World Human Rights Day is celebrated yearly on December 10.

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