Wike, Peterside disagree on APC ticket

Nyesom Wike

Rivers State Governor has mocked former Director- of the Nigerian Administration and Safety (), Dakuku Peterside for not getting the everything (APC) governorship ticket.

According to Wike, despite Dakuku’s criticism of him, Transport Minister Rotimi refused to give him (Peterside) the ticket.

The governor insisted that Peterside’s motive for the verbal attacks against him was to convince Amaechi to give him the governorship ticket, ‘but despite the criticisms, Amaechi did not only deny him the governorship ticket, but he also refused to give him a second in NIMASA’.

He said: “Somebody who cannot even get the ticket of his , whom I defeated since 2015 thinks if he abuses me they will give him ticket, but they didn’t give him. Now you have me and your master refused to give you ticket. Your master refused to give you second in NIMASA.

“Now they have promised to make him minister. Who will be president and give you minister. I will be the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, so I can’t make you minister.”

But Peterside that his criticisms of Wike over the were neither driven by ambition nor pecuniary comfort, but borne out of his for Rivers. He described Wike as ‘a colossal whose only legacy was unbridled tyranny’.

He said: “Maybe, Wike expected that I kept silent while he shamelessly and brazenly raped Rivers State that our founding fathers laboured to achieve, some with their blood? Or should I have remained silent, or hailed him, as he continued his unbridled and unexplainable greed exhibited in his continual, forceful of developed and undeveloped and property which he converted into personal use?

“Or Wike that he had conquered Rivers and reduced her citizens to zombies and that nobody would raise their head to ask him appropriate questions on ?

“He said I have been criticizing him for the past seven so I can get APC governorship ticket; nothing can be more run off in the mouth than this statement. Proud to say I am a patriotic stakeholder who cannot watch Wike’s maladministration and corruption in the last seven years. His incoherent and uncouth statement in the shows clearly his poor upbringing, and that he was under the influence of alcohol, as always.

“I have consistently and constructively engaged Wike not for any personal ambition, but strictly for what he represents – gross incompetence, corruption, greed and lack of vision…”


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