Why RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Is Dreading the…


Why RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Is Dreading the…

Why RHOA’s Kandi Burruss Is Dreading the…
Real Housewives reunions are no joke—even if you’ve been a star on your franchise for over a decade. 

Kandi Burruss has been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since its second season in 2009, but as she explained on the latest episode of Housewives Nightcap, she “always hates reunions.” 

“It makes my stomach turn whenever I go into a reunion because I hate arguing with people and I always know that it’s going to be a complete back and forth,” Kandi said. “This year especially, because it was a lot of people that were just coming for my neck and I didn’t realize it.”

That was, until she watched the episodes back. “So many people on the show had a lot of things to say that I didn’t know was happening when I was standing around,” Kandi added, “so obviously, that’s gotta be addressed.”

There’s still plenty of drama to come in the meantime, though. Just last week on the Aug. 7 episode of RHOA, the “No Scrubs” songwriter got into an explosive argument with Marlo Hampton


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