Why Jennifer Coolidge Says Legally Blonde’s…


Why Jennifer Coolidge Says Legally Blonde’s…

Why Jennifer Coolidge Says Legally Blonde’s…
And while she’s previously admitted she does get tired of hearing the line so often, make no mistake: Coolidge is grateful for her part in Legally Blonde—as she is for the many roles she’s had over the years, which include roles in American Pie, Best in Show, and the HBO series The White Lotus, for which she earned her first Emmy nomination.

“The first most depressing lesson I ever learned on a set was when I went to do Legally Blonde, and there was an actor—a television actor that I’d seen on TV, a funny guy­—and he was the parking attendant [for the studio]. And I remember thinking, we have to be grateful,” she told Deadline. “I was thinking, I could do this movie here, and then it could be back to waitressing. Nothing is written in stone.”

She continued, “So, I remember thinking what a privilege it was to get this job. I was thinking, God, you really have to have gratitude in this business. It’s quite a rollercoaster ride being an actor and we have to be thrilled about getting these jobs, because sometimes they don’t come around again for a long time. Or ever.”


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