Why Couples Don’t Enjoy Marriage – Banky W

Nigerian singer and politician, Olubankole Wellington, widely known by his stage name, W, has expressed how modern marriages have turned to a thing endure, rather than enjoy.

The 41-year-old singer stated this during a radio together with his , , hosted by the Nigerian media personality, Ebuka -Uchendu, in the series, the Black Box Interview.

The singer who was responding to a question on how he had met his wife, Adesua, revealed that he wasn’t able to pay attention to her after they had met a number of times because he wasn’t ready to settle down.

He also pointed out that couples struggled to stay together because they rushed into marriage when they were not ready.

He said, “I honestly think that God blinded my eyes until I was in a place where I would be to be the type of man that would treat his daughter . Until I got to that place, God didn’t let me see her.

“So I saw her, you know, and I was like, ‘ girl, fine girl, okay nice to meet you,’ and I kept . I was in a different place in my . And men know, men always know when we are ready. And until you’re ready, you’re not ready.

“And if you’re not ready, it doesn’t matter how great somebody is, if you as a man, you’re not ready to settle down and be dedicated or whatever, you’re just gonna mess it up or end up in this miserable situation.

“And that’s why I think that marriage has turned into this thing we endure rather than enjoy.”

Banky W and Adesua got married over four years ago on 19 November 2017, and 2021, they they had a baby .

The singer who had contested for the House of Representatives seat representing Lagos’ Eti-Osa Federal during the 2019 general , recently announced that he had defected from Modern Democratic Party to Peoples Democratic Party.

He is seeking the PDP to again vie for the same seat in the 2023 general elections.

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