Why Cheryl Burke “Forced” Ex Matthew Lawrence…


Why Cheryl Burke “Forced” Ex Matthew Lawrence…

Why Cheryl Burke “Forced” Ex Matthew Lawrence…
believes in the of therapy, especially when it came to her with .


“My soon to be ex-, we went to therapy before we even got engaged,” the Dancing With the Stars pro on the June 20 episode of her podcast Burke in the Game. “I’m a huge for therapy so I kind of forced him to go. And I think it really when it came to . And it was throughout from beginning to end.”

Ultimately, it was not enough to save their nearly three-year marriage. 

“When you’ve the when you’ve done it all in that sense and you realize we’ve evolved and maybe not together,” Cheryl shared with Wasser, ’s go-to . “And you still have this issue, like, ‘Okay, well, the communication may have to stop for a little bit because this is too much to ,’ do you suggest hiring an attorney at that point?”


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