Where Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo and…


Where Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo and…

Where Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo and…
Those New York , as ’s previously , revolved around her then-, Metul Shah. The former to the city in 2021, and just ten days later, Naomie was on her way back to Charleston after discovering he had been cheating on her.

“It was hard, and I just felt lost,” she told E! News. “I think you’ll probably see a little bit of that in the of the , where I’m just there and trying to out what I’m doing or what I want to do.”

Naomie , “I leaned on my for that time, and they really through. But I was not in the best headspace in the , and then you’ll see me work my way out of that and get to such a better , and to a point where I was very for what .”

Hear more from Naomie in the above .

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