Propaganda may help you win election but can’t help you govern and that is what APC has seen in the last 32 .”
The above statement was from the immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan when the newly elected PDP chairman, Prince Uche Secondus paid him a visit in Yenagoa in Bayelsa State earlier this year.
Invariably, the above statement from president Jonathan summed up why we continue to remain stunted as a nation pregenital to a more healthy country over to President Muhammadu in 2015.
The APC government led by President Muhammadu Buhari rode to power through hay-wire propaganda and touting “Change” to high heavens as never seen in the of Nigeria and they subsequently won the election. Now, from 2015 that the change mantra came into being, it has been stories and stories. 2016 came, they were still preparing for . 2017 came, the world stood still waiting for another chapter of governance and in two months time, it will be three years of the administration and no meaningful has been created on the lives of the masses.
You cannot take power by propaganda with no clearcut blueprint to rule the country and expect magic to happen. No.
When one sit back and take a look at the composition of the totality of Nigeria under Buhari, nearly everything in the country has for the worst. Is it the transportation system? The prices of transportation have skyrocketed. Is it the food items in the market? The prices have changed negatively. The president of the country has noticeably to his responsibilities. The change mantra is on the lips and on pages of newspaper. The change should actually be made to impact on the lives of the people positively, not to cause suffering.
Buhari was waging a “half-hearted” fight against . The poor are getting poorer, while a tiny club of nouvea riche, treasury looters, phantom contractors, subsidy scammers and rent collectors are flowing in scandalous opulence and manipulating the legal structures of the state to escape. What has changed? Who has been changed?
It is of note that since 2015 this administration was inaugurated, there has been no positive change in the major indices of and development, be it poverty reduction, safety and security, disease control or access to basic amenities and good. Nigerians are utterly disappointed which stems from the fact that we have a government whose leadership promised change but which is not practising transformation.
Calls have been made from different quarters by proponents of restructuring of Nigeria which president Buhari to loathe a lot. Even a deaf person in the last three years knows that the country has been shouting for restructuring. If Buhari is a listening president, he should listen to what people are saying. He can never keep this country together in peace until the country is restructured.
Going away from restructuring, everything that he promised to do, he has failed to perform, even on security and corruption. Many of the he appointed into his government have been found to be corrupt – ministers that took him exclusive six months to come by.
Herdsmen; for how long do we talk about herdsmen killings who are causing confusion in some parts of the country in Southern Kaduna, Benue, Adamawa, Taraba etc? What has the number one citizen done? Is it not a shame that the president of a country who was a military man before is in a situation where there is a breakdown of law and order in some parts of the country? It’s absolutely shame to say the least.
In January this year, 73 innocent citizens of Nigeria, the indigenes of Benue State were massacred in cold blood in their homes! As president, after two months, still contemplating whether to pay visit to Benue State to see the havoc wrecked and console the victims’ , the deadly gang struck again and mowed down another 26 people in the same state Monday afternoon this week. Now I ask, for how long do we live in fear of being killed by some agents of darkness in the name of herdsmen in our own country before the very presence of a man who swore during oath taking three years ago, to protect us and our properties? It’s sign of weakness on his part as president and wicked not to act or place preemptive measure to live up to expectations of his statement during oath of office.
More so, about corruption fighting with which ladder Buhari climbed to power, we know it’s another farce and travesty which insulted the sensibility of majority of Nigerians. Former aide to president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri said that what Buhari is fighting is not anti corruption war as he claimed but ‘anti-opposition war’, and from every side you look at it, the anti corruption war since Buhari came to power has been from one opposition to another, those he perceived archenemies in PDP. I don’t want to talk about Maina case, Babashir’s and others whose corruption cases have portrayed Buhari’s corruption war a ruse before Nigerians.
We cannot continue to tolerate this malady as it has become that the good citizens of Nigerians should look elsewhere for solution to right the many wrongs and highly fractured mechanism of Nigeria instilled by Buhari’s inability and ineptitude. It’s time to vote for a president and not a ‘resident’.
Alhaji Abubakar Fits In
I can never stop beckoning on Turaki Adamawa to come and take up the mantle. I have looked around and at those jostling to replace president Buhari in 2019, after a careful assessment, I narrowed my search on Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice president of Nigeria who has toured far and wide to come to a high degree of understanding Nigeria better than the rest of others.
I beat my chest to say that Nigeria fairs better with Atiku. His antecedents as vice president (1999 – 2007) volume. His magic wand during his time as vice president was the reason we had a stable and robust economy during the time. He empowered many who are internationally recognized. In human capital development? Leave it for Turaki Adamawa. It is one of his areas of professionalism.
A stone lover of the youths that early February this year 2018, he received a delegation from Republican Institute (IRI), led by President Daniel Twining and he affirmed with trust and his inherent for democratic institutions in our country and for the the youths when he said and I quote, “It was a great discussion and look forward to working with IRI to enhance democratic governance in Nigeria, strengthen our democratic institutions and help remove the obstacles that keep the youth and other underrepresented groups from helping govern our nation.” What else can endear Nigerians especially the youths to this great thinker and administrator?
On the porosity of security in the country and the recent litany of herdsmen massacring of innocent and law abiding citizens in some states, the highly compassionate Atiku said with eyes, “When human beings are like flies repeatedly, ambushed by mass murderers and killed in cold blood, I wonder what becomes of the sanctity of life.” Now place side by side this amiable disposition of a concerned Atiku to the actions of the untroubled Buhari who saddles as president that swore to protect the people’s lives and property.
Atiku does not have room or attachment to tribalism, bigotry and religious differences. This is why his vast businesses caught across all geopolitical zones and he can freely visit any part of the country with shower of accolades signifying acceptability.
A ticket to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for presidency race in 2019 is a straight road to victory and people will behold redemption. As the holy scripture says,

I am Hajiya, Graduate of Uniabuja. I love to tell stories on politics and economy. I love the web and can stay all day on it.


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