What Below Deck Med’s Natasha Webb Regrets…


What Below Deck Med’s Natasha Webb Regrets…

What Below Deck Med’s Natasha Webb Regrets…
Below Deck Mediterranean‘s superyacht may still be afloat, but there was definitely a shipwreck on the Aug. 8 episode. 

An emotional shipwreck, that is. After weeks of chef Dave White pursuing a relationship with chief stew Natasha Webb—who he met on a previous charter, during which they hooked up—he finally realized that his efforts were fruitless. Unfortunately, said realization pushed him to berate Natasha over text—a decision that landed him in the hot seat with Captain Sandy Yawn

Natasha ultimately decided that Dave shouldn’t be punished, telling Captain Sandy she was simply ready to move on. There’s no telling if she and Dave will be able to successfully do so, but until viewers can find out for themselves, E! News is turning to Natasha herself for answers about the complicated situationship. For starters, as she revealed during the exclusive interview, the pair had only met one month before the Below Deck Mediterranean charter. 

That said, Natasha and Dave did hook up—she just didn’t want her new crew to find out about it. “I didn’t want everyone to judge us on the situation,” Natasha said. “It was just unfortunate.” 

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