We Asked BellaNaijarians to Share How They…

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We Asked BellaNaijarians to Share How They…

We Asked BellaNaijarians to Share How They…

Heartbreaks can be very and on is even harder. How do you bodi and simply with life as though you haven’t your , time, and into a relationship? Some heartbreaks automatically cause . Some will make you about your life choices. And others are simply good riddance to bad rubbish. Whichever it is, let’s not lie, heartbreaks can be quite agonizing, and on be hard.

Recently, we BNers how they and on from a .

Some responses left us teary-eyed, others were simply rib-cracking, and then we had those who had one : food. Heartbreak has got nothing on them.

Another Angle

Set Awon Blockers

Wo, some cannot coman goan die

Do me I do them, man no go vex


Ah, Gobe!

Phew, heartbreaks are so not easy, so we’re sending love, and cupcakes to everyone going through it right now. In the meantime, how did you heal and move on from heartbreak? with us.


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