Vincent Bolloré lossing control of the operator Télécom Italia

Vincent Bolloré lossing control of the operator Télécom Italia

Vincent Bolloré lossing control of the operator Télécom Italia

Vincent Bolloré, the friend of African dictators, has just been
facing a new setback in Italy with the loss of control of the
Télécom Italia, a week after he was being examined
for his port concessions in Africa.

What If Vincent Bolloré’s review was to “weigh at length” on his
group, as he anticipated this week in a letter to his employees?
This is the question that arises after the turn to the
Telecom Italia , which him to lose control of this
for the benefit of the us fund Elliott, with the help of the
Italian deposit fund. In spite of a position of first shareholder,
bolloré has only half the seats on the list supported by its .

A disappointment in addition to others since the industrialist
had to throw in the towel after trying to munch ubisoft, the
video game editor. Its technique, which consists in entering the
of companies in a minority way and then taking control,
has lead in the wing. And he didn’t to stop the bleeding
from the canal + subscriptions.

But it is, of course, His African affairs that weaken d’ first. Not
only because judges tournaire and buresi suspect him of
“corruption” to have, through his subsidiary havas, under the
campaigns of condé in guinea or faure ganssingbé in
togo against port concessions. It’s also because it’s a whole
system that might be updated. A system of putting’s
services to the of political leaders with
which bolloré is or is hoping to be in . It is denis
sassou nguesso, the president of the congo whose debt
renégocie with lazard while bolloré manages the Pointe
Port. It may be, tomorrow, Mauritania, which havas treats the
image of businessman ould bouamatou, opposing
the head of state.

Where the machine gets a little bit, it’s that it more and
more in the eyes of everyone. It was not for nothing that
vincent bolloré attacked the trade tribunal on the 2 issue of
France, an additional investigation, claiming 50 million euros.
She threw a raw on her African settlements. Secondly, it is
not sure that it is effective in its argument that ” campaigns
that convey false or ” are intended to
make Africa ” a land of non-governance and even corruption “.

to avoid the , Vincent Bolloré to abandon the
chairmanship of vivendi’s Supervisory Board to his son
yannick. He has certainly lost the battle of the image, and since
he controls both havas and canal+. it is not the least of the

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