UCL-final: Aguero predicts ‘difficult’ game…


UCL-final: Aguero predicts ‘difficult’ game…

UCL-final: Aguero predicts ‘difficult’ game…

Former City , , has given his for the between Real Madrid and .

Real Madrid will face Liverpool in the Champions League final on May 28 in .

Carlo Ancelotti’s men had eliminated Manchester City in the semi-final, while the knocked Villarreal out of the .

And Aguero the Los Blancos have a better of Jurgen Klopp’s side in the Champions League final because of their experience in the competition.

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“It’s going to be , but I think Madrid has better chances,” Aguero was quoted by Sportskeeda as saying.

“Madrid has more experience in and because of how they have reached the final I think they have more chances.”

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