Tinubu To Lagos Assembly: Do Not Only Pray For My Ambition… Remember Nigeria


Bola Tinubu, a , has urged the Lagos State House of Assembly to extend their Mecca to the entire country beyond his 2023 aspiration.

Tinubu made the remarks in a statement posted by his press office on Thursday.

The former Lagos state is currently on a hajj to Mecca.

Mudashir , the speaker of the Lagos house of assembly, announced on a “special Tawaf for Asiwaju,” which will “ask ’s favor and blessings for Asiwaju in the impending .”

The Tawaf is scheduled on Thursday at noon, and some members of the state assembly will around the Kaabah, which is located in the heart of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi .

Tinubu thanked lawmakers for the action and it an “important decision” in response to the call for prayers in the statement.

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He did, however, urge people to “go beyond my objective and also pray for Nigeria.”

“Pray to Almighty Allah to touch the hearts of bandits and criminal groups in our country,” the APC leader .

“I urge them to intercede on behalf of the nation and beseech Almighty Allah for an end to the challenges besieging our country.

“I urge them to pray for President Muhammadu and his administration in their efforts to surmount these challenges.

“Pray to Almighty Allah to touch the hearts of bandits and criminal elements in our country, so they toe the path of goodness in this blessed month.

“I also enjoin everyone or holding similar prayers either for themselves or for some particular causes to also to pray for our country in this sacred month.”

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