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This Is Humiliating, but I Have To Defend Myself – Fancy Acholonu Breaks Down – Pegars News

“Alexx slept with me once but it was embarrassing” – Fancy Acholonu rages on, finally reveals why they broke up
  • The estranged girlfriend of Alexx Ekubo, Fancy Acholonu has opened up on why she had to go deep into her breakup with the actor
  • Social media has been bombarded with information of the breakup between Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo and his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu

Fancy Acholonu has reacted to the controversy that has trailed her account of what transpired between her and her ex-fiance Alex Ekubo.

The mannequin had alleged that Alex refused to go intimate with her all through the 5 years they dated. She had additionally accused him of being manipulative and abusive.

Following the buzz her account of what transpired has created, Fancy Acholonu has now taken to her Instastory to state that she by no means wished to converse up.

The mannequin who acknowledged that it has now gotten messy and humiliating, additional averred that she by no means wished to tarnish Alex’s picture.

Fancy added that she has to defend herself with the reality as the actor has opened her up for ”egocentric causes.”

“I caught Alexx cheating with foreign curvy lady” – Fancy Acholonu continues to spill

Fancy Acholonu, the ex-fiancée of well-known Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo, has spilled additional as she offers extra perception into what had led to their break up.

She revealed in an interview with Stella Dimoko that opposite to what Alexx sister had stated, she didn’t lie about she and her Alexx not being intimate for 5 years.

Fancy stated;

“I did not lie, i have nothing to gain by saying Alexx and I were not intimate for the 5 years we were in a relationship. While I was loyal he constantly [email protected]

We broke up in August 2021 and I blocked him. In January 2022 his aunt contacted me and asked if I could see him before I leave Nigeria. I agreed and unblocked him and he begged to see me for closure, I was hesitant but agreed.

When we met and Alexx confessed a lot of things to me and apologized for everything. Things got emotional so he attempted to be intimate with me for the first time. I was in shock, because he said his religion and journey had stopped him for these 5 years. But love was still there so we proceeded anyway.

Before I could even land back in LA the next day he told me he told all his friends and family we had s#x. It seems like the part he left out to them was that it was the first time we tried. It was strange to me how important it was for him to tell everyone around him. He even encouraged me to share with my friends and family. I believe he was proud of himself, but embarrassed at the same time that he never slept with me before.”

On the dishonest allegations she had levelled on the actor, Fancy revealed that Alexx had cheated on her with a curvy overseas girl who had paid him cash to sleep with her.

“I caught him [email protected] on me with a curvy foreign woman that even offered to pay him money for him to sl££p with her. They spent the weekend in a hotel, and she was so angry he couldn’t perform with her so she found out about me on Instagram, and sent me screenshots of their chat exchange in which she called him names and questioned his s£xuality He apologized to me, and said at least he didnt cheat technically because he was “celibate” with her. | was even disenchanted he didn’t sleep with her to be trustworthy. It would have at least validated some issues for me.”

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