This $9 Anti-Chafe Balm With 23,800+ 5-Star…


This $9 Anti-Chafe Balm With 23,800+ 5-Star…

This $9 Anti-Chafe Balm With 23,800+ 5-Star…

If you’re not sure about shopping, out these rave from Amazon .

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm Reviews

Another gushed, “Omg this stuff is the best! I am a chubby girl and I recently went to Thailand where it was 90° with a 70% humidity every single day I was there. This stuff got me through! I was able to wear dresses and shorts with no chafing! And I only ever had to apply in the morning and once in the middle of the day! My life is forever I’ve already ordered two more!”

“This product solves that problem. I started 10 miles a day, normally by the 5th mile I’m ready to call someone to pick me up. Not because i’m exhausted, , muscles hurt. Because my fat thighs are rubbing together trying to make fire like I’m trying out for Survivorman. As as I to put this on before my walk (applied like deodorant) I am completely chafe free. This product is a lifesaver,” an Amazon customer reviewed.

A fan of the product wrote, “I’m so glad I found this product. I’m a curvy gal so I’m no to chafing. It’s been something that I’ve with for the time. Right now I’m trying to lose some weight so I go to spin class in the evening after work. Even when I wear the proper attire however, I’ll end up with a rash on my thighs. It’s not just a little bit either it’s bad to the where it makes me not want to cycle anymore.”

A shopper shared, “This stuff my beach vacation. My son always gets nasty chafe and rub rash from in the and then running around in his wet shorts. Usually half way through the day he’s ready to go because it stings so bad, then it’s going home slathering the rash with desitin while he sits on the couch. We put this on his inner thighs every day before we went to the beach and never even had pinkish skin, never mind a rash!! It’s very dry, non greasy and goes on smooth and colorless just like a deodorant with no scent either. It’s absolutely a lifesaver!!!”

Another person , “Get rid of the baby powder, this product is great and lasts . There is no cent that I can tell. I chafe easily, every day in fact, until now. Baby powder would last 3/4 of the day unless I was on my feet a lot. Then it would only last an hour or two. This stuff lasts all day. If I know I am going to be on my feet all day I will put more on then normal. I have been using this for a years now and it is my most toiletry. I will use for the rest of my life.”

A Body Glide fan reviewed, “This is a life changing product that I swear by. I’ve only had it for a few weeks but I’ve been using it every morning because I have to wear skirts for school. I have thighs and they rub together, incredibly sore spots. This product has made it so when my thighs rub together, there is so I’m not in pain. It doesn’t have any scent which I’m very glad about. I haven’t tried it while working out but I’m sure there are other reviews involving this. I hope to try more of their . Very !!”

“They protect your thighs from chafing. BUT what I think is more important – they help heal any chafing you have. I’m forgetful so I tend to forget to use this before I go out and about and I come home and my thighs are chafed to high heavens. But if you apply this, it helps alleviate about 90% of the pain right off the bat. Wait another ten minutes or so, apply again, and it should alleviate the rest of the pain,” someone wrote.

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