The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency embark on sensitization program

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency embark on sensitization program

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency embark on sensitization program

The Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA,
commenced a road show programme to counsel
residents on the need to be more cautious in their activities
and adhere to safety rules in order to keep at bay the
increased level of emergency occurrences.

The General of LASEMA, Mr. Adesina, who led
the awareness campaign that kicked off at the Lagos State House
of Assembly, Alausa Ikeja, also urged residents to take advantage
of the Lagos State Emergency Toll-Free Lines – 767/112.
He explained that the awareness campaign was embarked upon to
further enlighten members of the public on the use of 767 and 112
and also the public of the functionality of the numbers.
said that the Agency had, over the years, observed the
skyrocketing rate of emergency situations towards end of the year
across the State and thus decided to increase its sensitisation of
the toll-free emergency numbers 767 and 112 as a way of fast-
help for residents of the State who might find themselves
in one form of distress or the other.

There is the need for us to demystify the wrong notion popularly
attributed to the ember months. While we are aware that there is
nothing or special about this period, we are also mindful
of the fact that the rate of emergency occurrences during this
period is usually high because people are more and full
of anxiety during end of the year; this is why we are appealing to
our people to take things easy during this period,” the General
Manager appealed.
The General Manager assured Lagosians of response to
any form of emergency by LASEMA officials in conjunction with all
its stakeholders, saying that all the emergency responders
now enjoy a better working relationship in bringing succour and
respite to people in need.

He revealed that based on awareness among Lagosians,
the of calls received by the two major State emergency
numbers has increased to about 90,000 on a daily .
pleaded with of the toll-free emergency numbers to
restrict the use of the lines for emergency purposes alone in order
give genuine callers the opportunity of accessing the numbers
Speaking on the preparedness of the Agency to swiftly respond to
emergency situations during the period, the General
Manager stated that the Agency had already mapped out plans to
occupy some major areas across the State with its and
officials, saying “we are practically relocating our to the
streets of Lagos”.

I appeal to residents of the State in general not to lose hope,
regardless of the situation of this country; people should not allow
depression to set into their lives. We have a lot of people that have
risen from grass to grace because they did not lose hope. Anyone
going through one challenge or the other should confide in
someone; they should seek help and not be silent” he counselled.
He also on members of the public to extend a hand of love,
brotherliness and good neighbourliness to people around them,
especially during the festive season.


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