Tambuwal ready, experienced to lead Federal Republic of Nigeria, says Ayu

Tambuwal ready, experienced to lead Federal Republic of Nigeria, says Ayu

D National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) . Iyorchia Ayu has stated that Governor Aminu would have been the unanimous presidential choice of the party but for the fact that delegates have to pick the flag bearer.

He spoke on Friday when the Governor led his campaign to the National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP in its Wadata Plaza premises in Abuja.

He described the Governor as one of the eminently qualified aspirants lined up for presidential primary election by the party.

According to Ayu “You’re one of those who are very, very well prepared with your in both legislative and the executive arm of .”

He also referred to his background as a qualifier, stressing if he is to fly the party’s flag, he “will actually run the with the of God and the rule of law.”

D Chairman, while expressing gratitude to the Governor for his efforts and contributions to the party in various levels over the years, recalled “you midwifed the emergence of this NWC. We are your babies. [But] we have up now to be your (parents).”

According to him, is very familiar with many of the NWC. “I just hope that they will not be biased in your favor. There are too many members on your constituency, including the Secretary and my humble self, who are all members of the National Assembly,” Ayu said.

He however stated: “We as a National Working Committee, in spite of the on most of us, we are working around the to make sure that we provide a platform, provide not just a level field but transparently the tradition of the People’s Democratic Party. We’ve never had a controversial convention and we’re trying our best to the footsteps of previous administration.

“Rest assured that come 28th of this month, we shall all gather in a place in Federal Republic of Nigeria and you the necessary atmosphere to present yourself to the party delegates and your votes, the votes will be counted very openly as we always do and in the end of the day, if it’s the will of God and the delegates that it is you that emerges, we will also be sure that the party will be in a very safe hand.

“We will not only campaign vigorously for the of the PDP but everything will be done to make sure that the party returns to come February 2023.”

Tambuwal, who enumerated his credentials as numero uno in the lower legislative chamber, his membership of the Body of Benchers and two- term Governor of Sokoto, expressed his readiness to govern if elected by the delegates.

He further expressed confidence that he foots the bill to bear the party’s flag as he is a bridge builder “that Nigerians need as for .

“A bridge between the old and the young; and the bridge that will now continue to reconnect every of this country. I believe I have all of those qualities,” he added.

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