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By Chimaobi Nwaiwu, NNEWI

THE Indigenous of Biafra, , yesterday, replied to the military, accusing them of releasing a malicious and fallacious memo against IPOB and alleging the group plans to attack non-indigenes in the East, including Northerners which was false.

The pro-Biafra group told the military that are actually the only race that will or take the side of a visitor or sojourner in their land against their  own brothers/ because Igbo culture and tradition forbids injustice.

A statement by IPOB’s Media and , Emma Powerful entitled “We have no plan to attack non- indigenes or  Northerners living in our land,” described the alleged memo from the military  as one of the  fake   that often  emerge from the military.

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IPOB statement read: “Based on the internal memo from the Federal Republic of Nigeria military intercepted by IPOB Intelligence Unit, the M.Branch, we, the global and family of the Indigenous of Biafra, IPOB, led our indomitable leader, Mazi Kanu, wish to reiterate for the umpteenth time and assure all non Biafrans resident in Biafraland and the general that IPOB has no plans whatsoever to attack   northerners or other non indigenes living in Biafran territory.

“As a matter of fact, Biafrans are the only race that will defend or take the side of a visitor or sojourner in our land against his own brother/sister because our culture and tradition in Biafra land abhors and forbids injustice.

“The reference no of  the memo from the Federal Republic of Nigeria military headquarters, Gariki is AHQ DAOPS/G3/240/197/1 dated of May 2022 and dispatched to 82 Division Enugu.

“This malicious and fallacious memo intercepted by our M Branch, emanating from the Federal Republic of Nigeria military is simply the figment of the imagination of the purveyors. We are aware of the avowed  plan of the Nigerian army together with other security agencies to instigate violence in Biafraland as well as other parts of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and point their accusing fingers in IPOB, a peaceful freedom movement.

“We saw them play this out during the Ghana-Nigerian match in the MKO in Abuja even though they had intel ligence that Fulani terrorists were planning to attack the stadium. Their intention then was to create distrust between Biafrans and the nation. Now, they want to try the same game by this attempt to create distrust and confusion between Biafrans and northerners living in Biafraland with the singular aim of jeopardizing and endangering the lives of Biafrans resident in Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The Nigerian Army working in collaboration with the Nigerian DSS must know that their gimmicks and antics are dead on because IPOB has continued to protect non indigenes resident in Biafraland against any form of intimidation or attack from terrorist herdsmen.

“The IPOB leadership call on all in Biafraland both Biafrans and non Biafrans to ignore this deliberate falsehood from Nigerian Army Headquarters and unequivocally assure them of their safety and enjoin them to go about their businesses anywhere in Biafraland without fear of molestation.

‘The only that are not and will not be welcomed in Biafraland are terrorists masquerading as herdsmen who are destroying our farmlands and molesting and raping our , sisters and farming in our bushes and forests and murdering our doing their legitimate farm work.

“It is now imperative for the Federal Republic of Nigeria military to sort its highest echelons infested and dominated by terrorists masquerading as soldiers to recall their kinsmen occupying any space in our bushes and forests to vacate those places forthwith. The Nigerian army must the terrorist foot soldiers  in  Biafraland  claiming to be   herdsmen because there will be no hiding place in our land for them.

“IPOB is a peaceful freedom movement that is God-given. However, we have a duty as a to protect our land and our against terrorist herdsmen. We are not begging terrorists to vacate our farmlands and forests, but we will chase them out of our bushes and forests where they stay to kidnap, kill and rape our mothers, wives and sisters in the farms.

“Nigerian military should be appreciative that we are helping them to stop terrorists masquerading as  herdsmen who have been adjudged the fourth most deadly terror group in the world terror index.

“The Federal Republic of Nigeria Army and its  sister  security agencies especially DSS should stop giving false intelligence report to cause confusion because of the hatred they have for Biafran particularly the IPOB family group.

“The question Nigerians should ask themselves  is why can’t the Nigerian Army also cooperate with  other anti terrorist groups in the country to fight our common enemy, the terrorists hiding in our forests. Instead of appreciating us for helping to checkmate the activities of these mass murderers, the Nigerian army  are  after  us, while shielding their terrorist brothers.

“We must chase the murderous terrorists masquerading as herdsmen and killing innocent citizens who are going about their farm work out of Biafraland.”

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