“Should a woman cater for a man?” —…


“Should a woman cater for a man?” —…

“Should a woman cater for a man?” —…
The between a lady and her who lost his of has sparked a -provoking after screenshots of their chats were shared on .

The of their chat posed the question “should a woman cater for a man?” in the air, with a number of having varying opinions on the subject.

As can be seen in screenshots shared, the lady her man as she asks him what will be his of his rent that is due in a few . She then goes on to tell him that if he on depending on her for it, then it’s a weak move.

This caused the gentleman to the favours and handouts he gave to her in the past when he was well-to-do and attack her for calling him “weak” when the have now turned.

The lady, in course of their conversation, then asks her partner to adjust his of given his predicament — her suggestion seemed to have provoked her partner as he kept on hammering on how she’s become different now that things have .

Their conversation has since sparked a on Twitter with many having a thing or two to say about the whole situation.

Read their conversation as you scroll,

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