Secondary school students celebrate end of…


Secondary school students celebrate end of…

Secondary school students celebrate end of…
In a quite turnout of , a couple of Secondary School decided to visit a beer parlour to celebrate the end of their WAEC .

In photos serving on media, the young students, said to be from Secondary School, are seen dressed in their school gulping alcoholic beverages in a beer parlour in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom capital.

The photos were shared by Uyo Facebook page, Media Boyfriend, on , June 23 where the students are seen gathered around a table with alcoholic .

the photos, the page wrote,

of tomorrow 😂😂

This Uyo go bloody soon. Ndito ifod don school da. 😂😂

Waec done and dusted.

See more photos as you scroll,

In other news, a hawker took in Lagos by surprise when he tried to sell an 11 Pro Max for N200k in .

In a which was shared online, the hawker is seen after a car wanting to probably negotiate the last for acquiring the phone from him.

Asides from the iPhone, the hawker also seems to hawk wristwatches but the fact that he tried selling an device in traffic is what shocked the motorist who decided to record the rather rare occurrence.

Watch the video here

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