ROTIMI AMAECHI THE BEST GOVERNOR RIVERS STATE HAD EVER PRODUCE: see underlisted infrastructure by ROTIMI compare to any Governor

ROTIMI AMAECHI THE BEST GOVERNOR RIVERS STATE HAD EVER PRODUCE: see underlisted infrastructure by ROTIMI compare to any Governor

ROTIMI AMAECHI THE BEST GOVERNOR RIVERS STATE HAD EVER PRODUCE: see underlisted infrastructure by ROTIMI compare to any Governor

The former of State Rotimi Amaechi is rated highly when it comes to infrastructure compare to the past and current governor, below are the under listed achievement of the former governor of state Rotimi Amaechi:
1.Dualization of Rumuokuta-
Choba East-West Road, Obi Akpor (N10.3bn, 88% completed)
2. of Eleme junction (N7.3bn, 100%
3.Construction of Omofo-Agaba Ndele Road (N4.8bn,
90% competed)
4.Dredging works/ at New Layout
(4.52bn, 100% completed)
5.Construction of Ozuzu to CSS Isu-
Ogida Owu Egbu(N2.79bnhuge, 100% completed
6.Dualization of
Airport-Isiokpo/Omarelu Road (N35.15bn, 98% completed).
7.Dualization of Ada George Phases 1 and 2/ Choba 2 NTA/
ChobaAirport (N17.04bn, 80% completed).
8.Dualization of
Rumuola/Rumuokuta Road and (N2.78bn, 100% completed).
9.Dualization of First Bank/Rumuomasi Road (N3.58bn, 100%
10.Dualization of slaughter-Trans Amadi/
Rumuobiakani Road (N6.53bn, 100% completed)
11.Shore and land reclamation of Egbomung/Oluk-Ama(N2.18bn,
90% completed)
12.Construction of at Bolo Creek with
approaches (N4.81bn, 100% completed)
13.Dualization of Eneka-
Igbo Etche link Road (N2.24bn, 70% completed)
of Apani internal (N2.57bn, 100% completed)
15.Construction of Nyokhana-Kenkhana Link Road with Bridge
from Luuwa to Bere (N2.93bn, 40% completed)
16.Construction of
Odiolugbani-Enito 1 and 2-Oshie Road (N4.51bn, 80% completed)
17. of Mbiama-Akinima Road (N1.98bn, 100%
18.Construction of Okeh-Ihie-Apani-Omarelu Road
(N6.86bn, 97% completed)
19.Construction of Abua/Okoba Close
Rumuibekwe with extension to Elelenwo (N2.19bn, 75%
20.Construction of Ikuru town- Atlantic Ocean Road
(N2.38bn, 80% completed)
21.Construction of Okeh-Mba-
Umuaturu-Akpoku Obite, 21km with Bridge (N5.02bn,
22. of Town (N3.52bn,
100% completed)
23.Dualization of Rumukrushi-Eneka-Igwuruta
Road (N13.87bn, 95% completed)
24.Construction of Abuloma-
Woji Road Bridge (N13.63bn, 50% completed)
25.Construction of
Akpajo-Woji Road/Bridge (N11.06bn, 56% completed)
26.Construction of Ada George/East West Road junction flyover
with Rotary and lanes (N5.34bn, 80% completed)
27.Dualization of Elekahia-Rumuamasi Road (N6.50bn, 100%
28.Dualization of Azikiwe Road (UTC) junction-Lagos
Bus stop (N6.29bn, 89% completed)
31. of Airport-
Igwuruta-Rumuokoro Road (N1.59bn, 100% completed).
32.Reconstruction of Woji Road in GRA Phase 2 with drains and
construction of Sani Abacha/NTANwogba Storm Water Drainage
(N2.06bn, 75% completed)
33.Reconstruction of Ikwerre Road
from Education to Agipflyover (N5.88bn, 100% completed)
34.Reconstruction/As[halt overlay of Igwuruta-Ohokoho-Okehi
Road (N1,44bn, 100% completed)
35.Reconstruction of Ken Saro
Wiwa Road and flood control works around Ken Saro Wiwa Road/
Ezimgbu Link Road-Aba Road, Port Harcourt and construction of
Relief Road linking Aba Road to Ken SaroWiwa Road at Worlu
street junction (N10.85bn, 90% completed, 30% Canal)
36.Expansion/resurfacing of Kpopie-Bodo city Road (N3.91bn,
62% completed)
37.Shore/protection works at Ndoni (N2.82bn,
100% completed)
38.Dualization of Isiokpo-Ubima-Omarelu Road
(15.34bn, 82% completed)
39.Construction of Okrika Ring Road
(N4.02bn, 100% completed)
40.Construction of Road,
Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Road (N31.00bn, 70% old and 30% new
41.Expansion of Okporo Road (N2.61bn, 100%
42.Reconstruction of Edeoha-Ikata-Ochigba Road
(N2.09bn, 66% completed)
43.Reconstruction of Ozuoba-
Ogbogoro-Rumuolumeni Road (N5.22bn, 65% completed)
44.Dualization of Chief G.U. Ake Road (N9.95bn, 100%
45.Construction of Nyowii-Dae-Lueku-Bagha-Seme
Lueku-scholl to land Road (N3.78bn, 60% completed)
46.Expansion of Amadi-Ama-Abuloma Road with Spur to
Okuruama(N4.22bn, 100% completed)
47.Expansion of Olu
Obasanjo Road to six lanes and of Omoku street,
Okomoko street and Okomoko street Spur (N3.07bn, 100%
48.Design and Reconstruction of Rumuwoji (mile one)
Ultra ModernMarket (N2.99bn, 100% completed)
49.Dualization of
Epirikom-Rumuolumeni Road (N9.88bn, 57% completed)
50.Construction of Elioparanwo Road (N2.57bn, 65% completed)
51.Repair of the Airforce Base flyover Retaining walls
and construction of Dual carriage access Road to the Airforce
Base flyover (N2.00bn, 100% completed)
52.Reconstruction of
in D Line Port Harcourt (N7.55bn, 55% completed)
53.Reconstruction of Omuanwa-Elele Road and Elele internal
Roads (N2.48bn, 100% completed)
54.Reconstruction of
Bypass, Amadi-Ama OginigbaRoad (N2.89bn, 100% completed)
55.Construction of Flyover at Olu Obasanjo Eliozu junction
(N1.68bn, 100% completed)
56.Construction of East/West Bypass
and other lik in Ahoada town (N1.17bn, 100% completed)
57.Construction of Oro Ekpo Odoli/Awabie and ChindaStreet
(1.66bn, 100% completed)
58.Construction of Lane,
Rumuola/Ohiamini Access Road PH plus Retaining wall (N1.62bn,
100% completed).
59.Construction of Omuanwa internal
(N1.50bn, 100% completed)
60.Construction of Rukpokwu-Eneka/
Eneka Eliozu Link Roads (N1.32bn, 100% completed)
#Mathematically Divide 60 project by 8 =7.5 project per year
So 7.5×3 years=22.5 project in 3 years. By may 2018 will be
3 years in But I he has not done a big project up to 15. Yet u
call him Mr project. Patching up road is not a project.

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