Most people have made (and ) New resolutions at one time
or another. Perhaps you’ve promised to improve your life this year
by , exercising more or quitting a bad habit.
Such self-improvement goals are great, but if you are one-half of a
, the health of your relationship islikely to have the
impact on how happy you will be throughout the calendar year.
So, i’ve put together some simple “relationship resolutions” to help
you put more love into your love life. If you are currently or
married, these 12 relationship resolutions that can make your
relationship works out
#1: Make your relationship number one.
Every relationship requires work, and you have to be willing to
commit the needed time and energy to it. So, the first step is to
make your relationship a priority this year. If your loved
one is truly important to you, they should be a top focus of your
time and efforts.
Resolution #2: Accentuate the positive.
It is OK to discuss ways your partner could improve or point out
something they do that is bugging you. However, too much
correction or negativity can make anyone feel unworthy and
unloved. “We are quick to criticize and find and pick on
shortcomings, but fall short on showing how much we care,”
explains Sheryl P. Kurland, Author of Everlasting Matrimony:
Pearls Of From Couples Married 50 Or More. So
make sure you are giving far more compliments than criticisms.
Kurland recommends giving three sincere compliments a day to
your loved one. “Three compliments a day is a simple reminder
and easy way to make a conscious effort to ‘build up’ the
relationship instead of breaking it down.”
Resolution #3: Schedule a weekly night.
In many long-term relationships, life gets busy and couples stop
making time to really be together as a couple. By committing to
having a night once a week, you ensure that you won’t let
your relationship slip through the cracks. According to a by
the National at the University of Virginia, married
couples who each other at least once a week are three times
as likely to be satisfied in love, and roughly half as likely to
consider , as couples who go on dates less often.
Resolution #4: Have regular relationship check-ups.
Besides spending time enjoying each other’s company, experts
recommend taking the time to regularly “check in” and check up on
how each of you are doing, both in the relationship and with life in
general. As relationship coach Ken Donaldson it, the
goal is to not just talk about “superficial stuff,” but to discuss
“what’s really going on. ‘Here’s the things I really like that you
did’—accenting the positive—‘and here’s the things I’m having
struggles with.’” By scheduling regular check-ups, you can prevent
problems or resentment from building up, and be proactive rather
than reactive.
Resolution #5: Be present.
During these intentional times together, make sure that you truly
are together. That means on and to your partner
rather than thinking about a work project or checking football
. “Sometimes we’re together but we are barely paying
attention to each other,” says psychologist and author Dr. Michelle
Callahan. “We need to spend not just time together, but quality
time.” She that in today’s world, that often requires
away the iPhones or turning off the TV in order to give your partner
undivided attention.
Resolution #6: Play together.
Being in a serious relationship doesn’t mean you always have to be
serious. So have together. show that couples who take
part in and laugh together feel closer and more
satisfied in the relationship.

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