Rare photos of mass burial for 110 illegal refinery fire victims

Remains of 110 people who died in a ravenous that gutted an illegal in Abaize Forest in Ohaji-Egbema of Imo, were buried Tuesday.

The ceremony was held by the National Emergency Agency (NEMA).

“As the go by, most people who think their siblings travelled will now realize maybe they are of this (explosion),” said Marcel Amadioha, chairman of the Ohaji-Egbema LGA where the shocking incident occurred.

Charred of the illegal refinery being for burial

Shovelling the remains of the dead at Ohaji-Egbema LGA
Shovelling the remains of the dead at Ohaji-Egbema LGA
Grave diggers at site of the Ohaji-Egbema  disaster
diggers at of the Ohaji-Egbema disaster

Illegal are “very widespread” in Nigeria as a of “the of the system (with) poor security system and the lack of for the pipelines,” said Nnimo Bassey, of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation environmental group in Nigeria.

Nigeria´s security forces are still hunting for two suspects who have been blamed by authorities for the explosion.

However, , including chairman Amadioha, have accused security agencies of “” in the incident, saying they work with the operators of illegal refineries.

“They were so loose that the illegal bunkers will come here in their numbers without any of threat, not feeling like the police or security agencies will come,” the council chairman said of the security agencies.

“There are some of them who are collaborators, who are sabotaging the efforts of the real ones trying to make sure this illegal bunkering stops.”

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