Quickteller Barz and Notes: The Journey To Greatness…

Quickteller Barz and Notes: The Journey To Greatness…

There’s a popular saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one . And the first step taken by the selected participants of the newly minted Quickteller Barz and Notes music talent hunt show was their entries.

These participants, six of them, were chosen out of hundreds of entries turned in. The rigorous selection carried out by music , including singer Omawumi, saw the of participants whittle down from 200 to 40 to 20 and finally 6. Although, a participant who goes by the name Salle, was added to the mix, bringing the number of participants in the production 7.

To ensure that the was fair, the producers of the show listed a number of that qualified competing participants such as originality, vocals, /genre of music, creativity, flexibility, and willingness to evolve. everything of which you can see for yourselves on YouTube and Facebook from this Friday, May 6, 2022.

Following the selection process came the revelation. The six contestants were unveiled in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Island, Lagos; organised by Quickteller, the leading consumer digital payments platform, powered by Interswitch.

The contestants who scaled through the meticulous screening process include Okechukwu Chiamaka Lovette, Ann Nankling Damar, Martins Asogwa, Elijah, Prince Macaulay-Smith, and Bobby Phillip . Each of the contestants had a thing or two to say about their journey into the show and their expectations. However, there was one thing that resonated among them, and that was their for the platform given to them by Quickteller.

Quickteller remains a supporter of local talents and beyond. This can be seen in its support of the One Africa Music fest that has in cities in Africa, North , and the Middle East on an basis. The brand to stay true to its goal of building the music ecosystem not only in Federal Republic of but in Africa as a whole.

To further expand on its support, Quickteller initiated the Quickteller Barz and Notes music show. Unlike any other show, participants of the show are assured of going home with a secure career in music, as seasoned players in the music business will be on hand to give hands-on guidance. What’s more, participants and will get to see the inner workings of the music business, and some behind the scene footages of how hit songs are made.

Quickteller reiterated that the show was deliberately created to go against the usual setup of music talent . In the end of the show, every contestant will go home a winner. How? Well, the producers of the show have ensured that the six participants will produce, with assistance from music producers, an Extended Play (EP). The EP will be a collaborative effort of all six contestants, and the tracks on the EP will receive a massive push that will bolster the success of each talent on the show.

According to one of the contestants, the Quickteller Barz and Notes show is a “pacesetter” for all other talent hunt shows, and this characterises Quickteller as a brand: blazing trails and leaving in its wake a long line of successes.

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