Priscilla Nwachi – Just Like You « Pegars

Priscilla Nwachi – Just Like You « Pegars

Priscilla Breaks Music Status Quo With Her Debut ‘Just Like You’.

Meet Priscilla NwachiJust Like You‘ which is an afrobeat /amapiano vibe bound to keep you moving on your feet or in your !

Her ? To the status quo (face and ) of gospel music.

I want to groove to my “, she says.”I want anyone who hears my song to vibe to it, jump up and dance to it, wherever they may be; in the club, in a party, or in their cars, but this , they are vibing with a positive for their .

Just Like You is a perfect blend of Amapiano infused with her vocals relaying a message; a reminder for us to be like Christ in everything we do.

“Just Like You” is a message for everyone regardless of faith, background, or ethnicity, to think about our knowing we are not alone and that if we trust in God, He will and light our .

With a clubmix version in the works, you can be sure of one thing: Priscilla Nwachi is the game-changer in the of gospel music as she breaks the status quo by her is a vibe in the gospel and mainstream world. Article Credit: Eziechine (IG:, Twitter: @oluludeal)

Listen to the lovely song below;


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Twitter: @NwachiPriscilla
Instagram: @priscillanwachi 

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