Pregnant Sharna Burgess Reflects on Her…


Pregnant Sharna Burgess Reflects on Her…

Pregnant Sharna Burgess Reflects on Her…

Brian Austin Green Baby No. 5 With Burgess

Sharna Burgess is her 37th birthday with the gift of reflection.

The with the  pro took to Instagram on June 21 to her day while also looking back on the last five years of her life.

“From an rock bottom, to my journey of seeing and knowing myself, of myself and knowing what I want and need,” she . “To today… having everything I’ve ever dreamed and more.”

Sharna, who is expecting her first child with Brian Austin Green, continued her post by on the , , “Life, this life I’m , who it’s with and the life inside me was always there waiting for me, waiting for me to be for it.”

The mom-to-be encouraged readers to trust “the divine timing of life,” adding, “Everything happens as it is to.”

And while she’s experienced “the good bad and ugly” over the years, Sharna noted that “she wouldn’t a thing about my 37 years on this planet.”

She , “I have everything I need, and yet I know there is so much more to come.”

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