“Please take good care of him for me” — Heartbroken lady tearfully tells new lady her boyfriend dumped her for (vi

Heartbroken lady tearfully

A young Nigerian lady has taken to video-sharing platform, TikTok, to send a message to the new woman her boyfriend dumped her for.

She shared a video montage of herself and her boyfriend taking a ride in his car before he ditched her for someone else.

The heartbroken lady also posted videos of herself sobbing after he ended their relationship to date someone else.

She then tearfully appealed to his new woman to take proper care of her man, now ex-lover, on the public platform.

The young lady captioned the video,

“Please take good care of him for me, he left me because of you
God why me.”

Watch below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady who was gifted N2.5 million by her man for saying “YES” to his marriage proposal back in 2021, has reportedly married another man.

The businesswoman, known as @swiss_scarlet on Instagram, made headlines two years ago after she shared a video of the surprise marriage proposal online.

Netizens were more enthralled by the N2.5 million cash gift she received from her man, which he said was her reward for sticking by him and accepting his proposal.

In a new development, the young lady has gotten married traditionally, but sources say it is not to the same man who proposed to her in 2021.

She took to Instagram to share photos from the wedding ceremony, and showered praises on her man, whom she called her soulmate, for his support and encouragement. Read here

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