Peter Obi To Delegates: I’m On A Mission To Stop Excessive Use Of Cash

Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra , Peter Obi, has advised of the Democratic Party (PDP) to take the money offered by aspirants, but to for their favorite candidate with their children’s future in mind.

Obi, a presidential candidate in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he was on a mission to stop the monetisation of politics and that he would not pay money to delegates.

He spoke to Ondo State delegates yesterday in as part of a nationwide campaign to woo delegates ahead of the .

Obi encouraged the delegates to look into the candidates’ past .

He stated that Nigerians needed somebody with capacity, and character as their and not just ability to talk and make .

Obi said the current situation of the country would consume Nigerians if nothing was done to vote for the right leadership.

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He said: “Collect the money, but when you go to vote, think about the future of your children. You are delegates today, you cannot be delegates forever. We cannot continue this way. If we do not do anything, it will consume all of us.

“Ask question about the aspirants. Ask about where they were 15 years ago. We want with capacity, behaviour and character to be our president.

“People now their on feeding. Unemployment rate is on the . We are borrowing without investing it. The with Nigeria is that we are borrowing for consumption. The country is unproductive. We want to see things work.”

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