Peter Obi On Zoning: PDP Has Final Say — I’ll Respect Party’s Decision


Peter Obi, a presidential on the Peoples Party’s () platform, says he will the party’s zoning decision.

Obi after appearing before the party’s screening committee in Abuja on .

The screening process, according to the former governor of Anambra, is “excellent,” and the committee is made up of seasoned party .

The former Anambra governor, on the issue over the PDP presidential ticket being zoned to the south-east, said he would respect the party’s choice.

“The party has the say. I can’t have a thought,” he said.

“I’m a member of a party. If the party says this is where they want the party to go, if you are a member of an organisation, you respect that organisation. And that is why I said whatever we do, the most critical thing is, what do we do to pull Nigeria out of and create a for the teeming unemployed of Nigeria.

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“We must change our polity and change what other nations are doing, and that is building a better for their people.

“We can’t go on round and round things that are . Let’s think about tomorrow. How can a great nation like Nigeria not do well? Simple, change it from consumption to production.”

When asked about his of defeating other presidential aspirants to become the party’s flagbearer, Obi said the decision will be made by the voting delegates.

“My chance are for the delegates to decide,” he said.

“I am not going to impose myself on them; it’s for the delegates to reflect on the nation and decide what do we do to a future for our ones.

“Whatever the party does, for me, it is to create a future for the teeming unemployed Nigerian youths, and pulling Nigeria out of hunger.”

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