People Advised Me To Kill My Physically Challenged Son — Singer Jodie

If you danced to the Nigerian singer, Joy Eseoghene Odiete popularly known as Jodie’s hit song, Kuchi Kuchi which was released in 2010, then it should be known that the singer is currently a hard in her .

The artiste who has a 6-year-old special needs kid has voiced out about the sufferings she has had to to ensure that her child is not deprived of anything in life despite his disability.

In an open letter that she posted on her Instagram page, the singer while voicing out her plight that she has had to hawk beaded jewellery, sell hair care products, beg and also borrow money to take care of her child.

She further reveal that some strangers had advised her to kill her son due to his disability.

She said, “This message is not for the Kings, Queens or Men and Women of substance of Nigeria. This message is for the , daughters, servants, security agents, concubines… ANYBODY whom the Kings and Queens have a spot for their opinions. I would have paid a media crew, to make a compelling and attractive video, but, please forgive me… I cannot afford it now.

“I am not a lazy . I sang a song, Kuchi Kuchi in 2010, which Kings and Queens have listened to and enjoyed. I am using the soft spot that song may have created to make this appeal.

“In the past 6 years, I have hawked beaded jewellery in offices like , Noah’s Ark, DDB etc. I have hair care products. I have . I have borrowed. Nigerians are kind. Even Bellanaija has sent me 100k… I have been a beneficiary of Air Peace’s Thursday session with the Chairman as a responsibility to help the less privileged – SEVERAL TIMES.

“The truth is, I am a NOBODY, but I was inspired, years ago to sing a song even when I didn’t know myself – a song that still resonates till date. Who knows? Maybe the essence of Kuchi Kuchi was not for my popularity, but to respond to the silent of mothers who gave birth to special needs children. Maybe its essence was to for the blood of the special needs children that have been spilled IN SECRET by helpless mothers who did not know what else to do. I know this because some strangers have advised me to kill or abandon my son because such children are sent to swallow up finances.”

Further speaking on the challenges she has faced in the past six years, the singer , “My finances have been swallowed. My friends have abandoned me because I am a beggar. My are new every morning. But I am a mother who would rather DIE first before her son does not eat.

“Special needs children do not eat normal food. Special needs children need a lot of medical, emotional, etc care. Special Needs children require the help of well -class organisations because it is not their fault that they were born that way.

“In my case, the I delivered my son had a hand in it. I myself for not going to a general hospital. It is past. There is nothing I can do about it now.”

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