PDP will fail in 2023, says Yoruba Ronu

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A - group, the Yoruba Ronu, has predicted of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2023 elections if it fields a northern candidate.

The Yoruba Ronu said the plot by the PDP not to zone its presidential slot would boomerang in the polls.

It said any southern candidates fielded by any political party would be massively voted for by .

The group stated the emergence of a southern presidency in 2023 should be considered sacrosanct for the unity of the .

President of the group, Prince Diran Iyantan, in a statement in Akure, cautioned politicians promoting the concept of a ‘northern presidency’ in 2023 not to further polarise the for more troubles than the ones in .

Iyantan wondered why political elites were deliberately promoting disunity as political weapon.

He urged politicians to focus on those positive pertinent to uniting Nigerians.

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According to him: “Everyone must ensure that what is passed across to the public are materials that enhance , unity and development in view of the time the country is passing through in present.

“Favourable unifying comments are what should be promoted in the media to ensure that tensions are not further exacerbated.

“The only major to the sustenance of unity in the country is continual presidency. The falsehood preached around that the ‘southern candidates do not have the numerical to an ’ must be jettisoned for the unity of our dear motherland.

“The PDP’s ploy to not, officially, zone the presidency to the Southern part of the country would, eventually, boomerang.”

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