PDP driving APC to discard zoning – Lawan’s associates



Associates of the Senate have accused the Peoples Democratic , , of driving the APC into zoning of its presidential ticket, saying if the PDP cedes its presidential ticket to the North it would amount to political suicide for the APC to act in the contrary.

“We are not here on our own, we have his backing. Even though friends and brothers contributed to purchase this form for him he has given us the go ahead,” Nkire said in the International Conference Centre, , Abuja where they picked the forms.

Nkire also accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of driving the APC into abandoning zoning of its presidential ticket, saying if the PDP cedes its presidential ticket to the North it would amount to political suicide for the APC to act in the contrary.

He said: “We are here; you can see beside and behind me senators and senior members, businessmen and politicians, who are members of the APC and some other Nigerians who want a new president.

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Zoning must stay for national interest

“We want the current Senate President to be the president of Federal Republic of Nigeria for many reasons. National stability is one. The president that we are bringing for the Nigerian people is a Nigerian president, not an Igbo president, not a Fulani president, not a Yoruba president, but a Nigerian president who we have watched and seen that there would be no other candidate that will be so level-headed.”

On the of zoning, Chief Nkire said: “Let me tell you, every politician is in politics to . It is PDP that is driving us to do this. We have said so, but we don’t want PDP to take the from us. If you give the to a southerner and PDP gives it to a northerner, APC will go into the wilderness and we are not ready to go into the wilderness.”

Soon after purchase of the forms, members of the drove straight to the Maitama Guest House of the President of the Senate to present the forms to him.

Receiving the nomination forms, Lawan who assured that he would place his totally in God, said that  it was not his , but the journey of all, just as he that all hands should be on deck to realise the project.

Formally joining the presidential race, Lawan said: “I have listened to various calls from all parts of our dear country, Federal Republic of Nigeria for me to show interest to for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Nigeria. I took my time to pray to Almighty God to guide me; I took my time to consult widely, to consult Nigerians from all parts of the country.

“This is to ensure that I get the  understanding of the citizens of this country on whose behalf, we will by the grace of God win the election and run the administration.

“I want to commit myself to this call and to this movement of Nigerians from all walks of life; , poor, North, , East and West. This is not my journey, this is our journey. This is our journey because every hand must be on deck for us to achieve exactly, what we need to achieve.”

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