Papivino – Wayo Wayo || Mp3 Download « Pegars

Papivino – Wayo Wayo || Mp3 Download « Pegars


Afrobeats star, Papivino makes his 2022 debut with a brand-new bop tune titled, “Wayo Wayo“.

“Wayo Wayo” is a follow-up to his previous , Beside Me, which did well to his artistry in a of roles singer, songwriter and producer.

D which was produce by Papi, is a vibe of Pop music and elements in African house as it is with the genre’s trademark and melodious chord progression that are decorated with riffs from an electric .

Papivino too complements the rhythm with a decent of his executed in simple staccato and melisma vocals.

D title “Wayo Wayo” represents a popular Nigerian lingo which interprets as lies or in quick succession. Although the musical communicates differently in context, it, however, hints in his persistence; not relenting his in attaining his desires. This is the same enthusiasm that has led to the promise of endless gbedus this as in a recent on his social .

In the meantime, enjoy the new Papivino and make sure to stay for more coming from his .

Stream “Wayo Wayo”- HERE

Listen below;



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