Osun, Ekiti elections and the race to 2023

Osun, Ekiti elections and the race to 2023

SIR: Abraham ‘s masterful definition of democracy as a “government of the people, by the people and for the people,” certainly holds many truths, and to democracy‘s ultimate goal of  people hold, feel and taste power for themselves so that they are put in vantage positions to veto the lies of those who would wield power as their property once they get into office.

Unfortunately, many  voters are ill-equipped and do not the tools with which they can easily identify the weasels who come to willfully lie to them on the campaign trail.

The effect of this is then that the same hoodwinked voters are made to rue the chances they never took and learn the way. It is enough.

Between the months of and July, governorship will be  in Ekiti and Osun states and the elections will voters in the states an opportunity either to continue with the old or to try something new. The elections will be about the good people of Osun and Ekiti State and their choices, but across Nigeria, many will keenly watch in both states.

Nigeria‘s democracy is one that very much remains on the path to rapid growth. In just over two decades, democracy in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds even if difficulties . Traditionally, a free and fair election has always been the crowning jewel of any democracy. In of the wobbles of the other institutions of democracy at any point in time, the moment a democracy  can show that it has in structures which allow people to robustly express their    through the ballot ,  that democracy can  be said to be healthy.

Unfortunately, healthy democracy has not been the experience of many people in many parts of the where elections are deployed many times by dictators as a smokescreen for their tendencies to sit tight.

Feelers are that the conduct of elections in Nigeria and the participation of the electorate have continued to improve with each election. The Independent National Electoral Commission which is the body constitutionally empowered to conduct elections in Nigeria has continued to build upon and improve its capacity with each election. There was a time which is at all times required by law to be independent and impartial was known to blatantly hold the brief of the powers that be.

The Nigerian electorate has also continued to improve. The level of political and participation has continued to improve with each election and the hope is that the Nigerian electorate will someday get too sophisticated for those whose specialty is the inducement of voters.

Both Ekiti and Osun states have sobering stories to tell of the days when those who wanted power by all in those states blatantly broke into the ballot box in broad daylight. That the conduct of elections in both states fall outside the electoral cycle of the rest of the country bespeak the days when the courts found that people‘s mandate in both states were stolen by those whom the people did not elect and proceeded to intervene by the malice of electoral thieves and brigands.

With such difficult pasts, the good people of Ekiti and Osun must again be ready not just to troop out en masse to vote but also defend their votes at the end of the day.

Just like the election in State last year, the elections in both states will foretell what the country can expect in 2023 when Nigerians will have to choose robust participation in the political process above on the fence and becoming sitting ducks.

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