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Olivia O’Brien Confirms She Dated Pete…

Olivia O’Brien Confirms She Dated Pete…
The “Josslyn” said Pete things with her before on with Phoebe, saying, “He texted me and was like, ‘I’m seeing someone else,” she said. “‘So, like, I can’t.'”

But keep in mind that this all “a long time ago,” and still he is a “nice guy.” As for what drew her to the 28-year-old , she had a of on her mind.

“He’s hot and he’s really ,” she said. “And he’s really sweet. He’s a really sweet guy.”

Olivia also shared that it’s “so annoying” how “guys don’t get it” when it comes to Pete’s . And while she made the argument that she has “ that are only to guys for their ,” she Pete as well.

E! News has out to Pete’s rep for but hasn’t back.

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