Okorocha Tried Many Times To Join Us, IPOB Alleges

Okorocha Tried Many Times To Join Us, IPOB Alleges

The Indigenous of allege that Rochas Okorocha, the former governor of Imo State, wanted to join IPOB several times but was by its .

As a result, the group urged him not to use them for , as doing so would lead to “political .”

IPOB’s Media and Publicity , Emma , said in a statement on that must be wary of Okorocha, claiming that the former governor and his are for a slew of attacks, killings, and kidnappings in Imo State.

He said, “Okorocha has tried so many times to be part and parcel of IPOB to decide the way forward in the but IPOB leadership refused to accept him. Okorocha and his likes will be there watching IPOB actualise freedom and from the oppressive Nigerian state.

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“His recent ranting against IPOB will lead him to destruction. IPOB has never seen him as a threat to the liberation of as being championed by the group.

“It only showed that he is speaking the minds of his masters in Abuja who advised him to siphon Imo State funds with his family especially his in-, Nwosu.”

The group also alleged that Okorocha created the “criminal gangs” in order to counter the “criminal gangs” of the current Imo State Governor, Hope so that his will not be .

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