Oil wells: Imo accuses Wike of prior knowledge of Supreme…


The State has reacted to the judgement of the Supreme Court on the disputed oil wells with Rivers State, urging citizens of the state to .

The State Attorney General, Barr C.O.C Akaolisa, told The Nation in Owerri on   that  he was in the statement by Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, claiming and embarking on celebration even before the judgement.

He said the action of the suggested that he might have had a pre-knowledge of the judgement hence the celebration.

“Uptill now, we have not a copy of the judgement and do not know  the that the favours them and the area we are favoured,” he said.

The Supreme Court on Friday, had resolved the ownership in 17 oil wells in favour of the Rivers State government.

In a judgement prepared by Ellen Ogunwumiju but delivered by Justice Emmanuel Agim, the court dismissed the counter ownership put forward by the Imo State government.

According to Justice Agim, reliefs One, Three, Four, Five, and Six sought by the Rivers State government were by the court.

The court, however, refused to reliefs Two, Seven, and 10.

Akaolisa noted that the Counsel to the Government, Chief , him that the Supreme Court a part of the claim of Rivers State while it refused another part.

He said since both had not been made known to the government, it is to speculate on the outcome of the judgement.

He urged Imo to remain calm and law abiding until the government is apprised of the state of the judgement.

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