Nzeribe: Family begins consultations for funeral rites

Nzeribe: Family begins consultations for funeral rites

The family of late Sen. Arthur Nzeribe says it has begun consultation for the rites of the late business mogul and political icon.

Late Nzeribe died in the age of 83 years on May 5 following protracted illness.

The family made the disclosure on Sunday in an statement titled “Our mighty Iroko has fallen: Sen. Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe is dead” to his .

The statement was jointly signed by Messrs Ojiabu Francis Nzeribe, Anthony Akpati Nzeribe and Ojiabu Oliver Nzeribe, for and on behalf of the Nzeribe family.

“The Nzeribe Royal family of Umudei royal of Oguta in Oguta Local Government Area of in submission to the will of God Almighty and in appreciation of a remarkably worthy life hereby announces the of our son, , uncle, , father and grandfather, Distinguished Sen. Francis Arthur Uzoma Nzeribe.

“While we are pained by this loss, we are proud of the African who distinguished himself in various fields including sports, international business, , and the Nzeribe clan worldwide acclaim.

“The family has immediately commenced the necessary traditional consultation and will in due course release a for his funeral rites,” the statement read in parts.

It appealed to the to respect the of the family and the solemnity of the event to enable them grieve in peace.

Until his death, late Nzeribe held the traditional titles of Ogbuagu, Oshiji, and Demanze Oyimba of Oguta, among others.

The represented Orlu Senatorial from October to December, 1993 in the second republic for the Federal Republic of Peoples Party (NPP).

In the third republic, late Nzeribe represented Imo West in the senate between 1999 and 2007 on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party ().

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