No second collection point for Morocco at Heysel, depot in Anderlecht closes on Wednesday

No second warehouse will open at Brussels Expo at Heysel for relief supplies for the victims of the earthquake in Morocco. The collection point in Anderlecht collected about 1,000 tons of goods and will close tomorrow evening.

On September 12, a few days after the devastating earthquakes in Morocco, a large depot was opened on the Vaartdijk in Anderlecht where relief supplies are collected. It concerns tents, camp beds, mattresses, lamps, canned food, hygiene products, and so on.

Last week it was announced that a second warehouse would open in Brussels Expo. “That was foreseen if we would still need it, but that is no longer the case,” says Lotfi Mostefa, coordinator of the depot in Anderlecht, who would also be responsible for the second depot. “This decision comes in consultation with the Brussels municipalities that joined the initiative.”

“Today we still receive a lot of donations from schools, but we have to stop now. We have 200 pallets ready for shipment,” says Mostefa.

“To get the goods to the affected areas, we are calling on humanitarian aid organizations, because the Belgian state has not yet received an official request for aid from Morocco,” Mostefa said. “We hope that the pallets in trucks will reach the areas as soon as possible.”

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