Nkechi Blessing In The Mud As Photo Of Her…

Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood , Nkechi Blessing  has sparked uproar on social after a photo of her wearing surfaced online.

This is coming barely 24 hours after Nkechi Blessing refuted of wearing pants after her ex-lover Falegan said he dumped her over her poor hygiene.

Opeyemi Falegan said Nkechi Blessing is a dirty and wears one pant for three days, a claim that many netizens found strange.

Responding to her ex-lover, Nkechi Blessing lashed back in him saying he was because she has never won a pant since she was 18 old.

Nkechi Blessing, who doesn’t with or shade about her, went on a public dragging and a mockery of the “rat hole” in Opeyemi Falegan’s house.

Many questioned Nkechi Blessing on what she uses to her sanitary pad during menstruation if she truly doesn’t wear pants.

Nkechi Blessing said she uses Tampon and cotton wool but a photo of her wearing pant has surfaced online which generated mixed reactions.

Netizens however think the photo of Nkechi Blessing wearing a pant might be an advert and one would not her to take a picture for the internet not wearing undies under a sheer attire.

dhameikay wrote: “Bt na body suit b dis na una too lyk wahala”

teesignature_couture wrote: “So is she supposed to wear that without a pant? It doesn’t still mean she wears pant on a

wealthakonobea wrote: “She lies too much if u ask me”

vergarahomez wrote: “Casted and her curse bk to her. She said nothing and never will bring what will make her wear pant”.

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