Nigerian Army, Police Arrest South-East…


Nigerian Army, Police Arrest South-East…

Nigerian Army, Police Arrest South-East…
The Indigenous People of Biafra has alleged that the Nigerian through the various security agencies unlawfully arrest and detain Igbos particularly the youths, and transport them to military facilities in the Northern region where they are and their harvested.

IPOB, in a statement by its spokesperson, Emma said of the atrocities are at Wawa military barracks at Kainji in Niger State.

According to the statement, the victims were since over a year ago, from their homes in the South-East region and taken to the far north, after which the security operatives deny them access to legal and cut them off from their families and friends.

IPOB called on the international community to prevail upon the Nigerian government and its security agencies to every person who is being detained without trial.

It further warned the Nigerian Police, operatives of the Department of State and others to stop attacking Igbos who have committed no crime stating that there’s nothing the government can do to stop the actualisation of the Biafran nation.

A statement from the group reads, “We wish to the continued and detention of youths, fathers and mothers in Imo State, Anambra State, Enugu State, Abia state and Ebonyi State detention facilities in the North more especially in Wawa military barracks at Kenji (Kainji) Niger State.

“The people were unlawfully abducted and moved to the military facilities in North and some of these people were killed and harvested their important organs in the military barracks camp.

“The people were unlawfully abducted and moved to the North since one year ago, they were being detained incommunicado, all efforts made by their lawyers, family and associates were rebuffed by Nigeria Government and her security agents in Wawa military barracks of Niger State.

“We hereby bring to global consciousness the attitude of the Nigerian police/Military in whose custody our Igbo people are denied of their fundamental right.

“Both old and young men, and ladies since their unlawful abduction without being to court, they are being from contact with their families, friends and colleagues, they also been hidden away from lawyers and denied access to legal services, human rights agencies assistance.

“We appeal to the International community to prevail on Nigeria Government and its security agents to all the Igbo people unlawfully arrested without trial from the above-mentioned States because this act is a pure “human rights violation of a particular race” “racial profiling, violation of freedom of , discrimination and persecution”.

“The Nigeria Military, DSS, Paramilitary and Police must ensure that our Innocent Igbo citizens languishing in God-forsaken dungeon called Nigeria detention facilities in the Niger State of Nigeria be released and in good and sound health.

“We have a pertinent question that requires an answer. We want to ascertain why the Nigerian army, police and DSS agents like to arrest only Igbo in Nigeria, is it because they are looking forward to achieving Biafra freedom through nonviolent posture and passive resistance? We need them to answer this question?

“Why do Nigeria Army, Police and DSS agents always or manufacture false reasons to profile, kill and kidnap any person of “IGBO RACE” in a discriminatory manner or better still, steal from them with wielding heavy arms, but dare not harass other tribes in Nigeria, steal with arms, kidnap, kill Igbo and mount revenue-generating in every 1-kilometre road in Igboland? This begs for an answer.

“IPOB now watches with keen interest going forward on discriminatory treatment and against Biafrans and Igbos in particular. We are everywhere and our eyes and ears are everywhere as well.

“Igbos are the most law-abiding race within our space, we are Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters that has high regard for lives, therefore we warn the Nigerian Armed and Police from killing Igbos untimely otherwise it will bounce back to them harshly.

“The Biafra restoration project has crossed the Rubicon and can no be stopped and it would be achieved in no distant time. Nigeria military should dignify themselves by releasing the Igbos under incarceration in various confinement facilities those in Wawa military detention centre in Niger State and other Northern states in Nigeria.

“We call on well-meaning Igbos to exercise the spirit of ónúrú ube nwanne agbala ósó (he who hears the agonising cry of his sibling should not run away) to facilitate within ones means the process to release all innocent Biafrans citizens detained in the Military Barracks in Niger State and all Northern states. This act would marshal a strategic new beginning for us.”

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