NHEA: Our mission to stem medical tourism,…


NHEA: Our mission to stem medical tourism,…

Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award

The of Nigeria Excellence Award (NHEA) has said reaffirmed its mission, saying its awards are meant to arrest the hemorrhaging medical capital and rekindle the interest of Nigerians in local health . The board said this while briefing journalists on this year’s NHEA award, which holds on Friday, June 24.

According to Dr. Omolola, Chairman, Board, the award rewards excellence in the health sector in order to stimulate more excellent practices that can contribute to improvement in Nigeria’s healthcare. The award, now in its tenth year, has instilled the culture of in many healthcare and facilities across the country as every and facility aim to be a , he said.

“Every year, Nigeria loses of its health professional in other and the country also lost so much through medical tourism. This is the 8th edition of the programme. NHEA award has come to stay and we are the in healthcare excellence award in West , starting from Nigeria we have gone global.

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“This year’s award is very special and rewarding. NHEA award is to excellence in the healthcare space. When you do well and people realise that you did well, you have a chance of doing better. And that is what we need in this healthcare system. Even with all the challenges we have to make sure that the negative impact of medical tourism is down to a minimal level in Nigeria and that is our goal. NHEA has come to be the most catalyst to help Nigeria move healthcare forward.”

Over 156 nominees in about 31 different award categories are set for the 8th edition of NHEA 2022. “NHEA has 31 categories as the awards now recognise quality contributions to healthcare from Diaspora. We have 31 categories in this year’s award. We produced a new category this time. It’s called the oncology category, TB. Currently, we have quite a lot of healthcare personnel leaving this country. We want to retain them,” adding that “We are our colleagues in the diaspora that they can come and work in this facility that is of international standard that we can all be proud of. It’s a way of telling the world we have some good facilities despite all the challenges in Nigeria. People can still come and visit some of these facilities for healthcare and also in of healthcare supplies.

“The award is getting bigger. The awareness is getting greater. It has gone global this time. In terms of voting, he said there has been improvement in terms of voting as they now have over 60,000 votes still counting,” he added.

Also speaking, a member of NHEA Advisory Board, Dr. Olaokun Soyinka, said, “NHEA has helped to get out quality and cheering news to Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora because when you are practising abroad, the only news you will mostly hear will be bad news. When we hear and see facilities that are doing well, our healthcare professionals will consider checking them out before thinking of going abroad and such facilities will help ensure job satisfaction, and contribute to raising the bar in maintaining standards, if that environment is there, there will be more job satisfaction and they will more likely to stay here.”

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