My Presidential Agenda Is To Create Wealth For Nigerians – Okorocha

A aspirant, Senator Rochas Okorocha, on Tuesday said he will create wealth for Nigerians if President of Nigeria.

Speaking during an interview on ’s Today, the lawmaker representing Imo West senatorial district in the National Assembly, said the problem with Africa’s most populous country is the lack of wealth.

Rather than roll out a of points, the ex-Imo State said his only agenda is to create wealth just as other advanced nations of the world have empowered their .

“The budget of New York is over $100 in 2021 while the budget of Nigeria is only $29 billion, four times than Nigeria. I am about New York, a city in America, and so also in Japan. What is the , they have created wealth,” he said.

“This wealth is here in this country which has not been created. So my agenda is to create wealth. When come to tell you that per capita income, rate, death rate, insecurity, power has dropped, those are just classroom .”

Okorocha also pledged to revive small- industries while utilising the nation’s resources for the well-being of all Nigerians.

The lawmaker also said it will be for one to predict President Muhammadu Buhari’s preferred candidate as the President is unpredictable and is yet to endorse anyone to succeed him.

“If you know President Muhammadu Buhari, he is a and you can’t predict. He is so unpredictable, that you can’t predict what he will do. He might anybody by surprise,” he said.

“If anybody comes out to say that Buhari has endorsed him, the person will not be telling the truth.”

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