Moment musician and guests took to their heels in a…

Moment musician and guests took to their heels in a…

A recent in Federal of Nigeria’s -east ended abruptly when guests and musicians ran to their heels out of fear of gunmen.

A guitarist and his band are seen entertaining guests in a funeral in a that was shared online. However, as they performed, guests suddenly from their and took to their heels.

The musician and his band also left their instruments and ran away with the guests.

A Twitter who shared the on Twitter captioned it,

ceremony in Alaigbo. This is our reality right now. You can be saying Hello to someone and running for your life the next mins.”

Watch below,

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu has made an appeal to Nigerians to more patience as his administration is making efforts to tackle the challenge of insecurity.

Buhari in a statement disclosed that his administration is investing heavily in acquiring modern , adding that when the equipment arrives, security will undergo training of deployment to the .

“We are working very hard to ensure the security situation in every part of Federal Republic of Nigeria improves very soon. As part of our efforts, we are investing heavily in acquiring modern equipment. Some have , some are being cleared in the Ports, and we have others still on their way.

“Our government is doing its best on the question of equipment, and the know. We understand the importance of equipping our personnel, so that they can deliver their best. “I ask for some patience with the acquisition of equipment, especially with the of Covid-19 on global supply chains.

And then when the equipment arrive, we need to personnel for their , ahead of deployment to the field. I want all Nigerians to rest assured that we are doing our very best in this regard. You will see substantial improvements very soon. Security of the and property of all Nigerian people will continue to be a priority for us,” the statement read.

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