Margot Robbie Makes a Hot Pink Entrance as…


Margot Robbie Makes a Hot Pink Entrance as…

Margot Robbie Makes a Hot Pink Entrance as…
: Barbie in .

On June 21, Robbie was photographed on the set of Greta Gerwig‘s new film Barbie in Los . The - , 31, was seen from a trailer, iced coffee in hand, in —she sported long, blonde hair and wore a pink button-down halter vest and matching lace-up bell-bottoms with glittery stars.

Margot is  Barbie in the first live- about the Mattel doll. The was first seen in character, smiling while in a hot pink , in a photo that Bro. Pictures in April.

Ryan Gosling portrays Ken in the movie and platinum blond hair himself, as seen in a pic shared by the earlier this week.

Barbie also features Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnonIssa RaeAlexandra ShippEmma MackeyRhea Perlman, Michael Cera, Simu Liu, Hari Nef and America Ferrera. Margot is also a producer on the film, which Greta co-wrote with Noah Baumbach.

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