Lawyer Storms Supreme Court Dressed Like A…


Lawyer Storms Supreme Court Dressed Like A…

Lawyer Storms Supreme Court Dressed Like A…

There was a mild drama at the Supreme premises in on when a human rights activist Malcolm Omirhobo appeared in his lawyer robe complemented with other apparel.

The human rights lawyer, who said he is a traditionalist, argued that his was based on the Supreme Court judgement that ruled in of Muslim students wearing their in schools.

“I am a traditionalist. I have been missing all along until the Supreme Court gave the on that people can now appear in their religious attires of in their school and public school for that matter,” he told .

“So, in the circumstance, I just interpreted everything and said they have done the right thing by guaranteeing more of our rights under Section 38 of the that gives the freedom of thought, , and religion from that decision that female students can wear hijab because it is the mode of their worship and any attempt to stop them from wearing it amounts to a violation of their fundamental right. I said, ‘It is good!’

“So, I said I need to also be appearing in my religious attire of worship because it is good for man to be with God all the time. This is my mode henceforth.”

Omirhobo said he will encourage others to wear their religious attires to work, expressing gratitude to the Supreme Court for the ruling.

“My children will go to school like this. I will encourage my relations, my friends; those in the army; those in the police; those in the Navy; doctors; lawyers; they will in their mode of worship,” the -born . “I am very to the Supreme Court. I am very about this.”

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