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Lawyer Storms Court Dressed As Reverend…

Lawyer Storms Court Dressed As Reverend…

A identified as Ogbachalu Goshen has caused a stir after appearing at the Okpoko Magistrate Court in the Ogbaru Local government in full priestly robes, looking like a .

Goshen his as a counsel on Thursday during a court proceeding, presided by Her Worship CB Mbaegbu.

When the Magistrate told him he cannot appear and the court in that regalia, he disagreed citing the recent Supreme Court that gave students the backing to wear in schools as a precedent.

Goshen also insisted that it was his right and that the objection by the Magistrate was an infringement on his rights as enshrined in 38 of the 1999 of the Republic of Nigeria.

But in an interview, Goshen justified his actions, saying the incident has become a constitutional since the Supreme Court made such a ruling.

He added that the court should also answer what will happen when a female Muslim lawyer enters the court in her hijab.

He said that he is an ordained pastor and should also be allowed to appear that way in court since the Supreme Court has .

that, another lawyer, Malcolm Omihrhobo, wore native attire to the supreme court last week.

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