Kaduna Train Attack: Buhari Calls For…


Kaduna Train Attack: Buhari Calls For…

Kaduna Train Attack: Buhari Calls For…
Photo of the AK9 Abuja- train


President Muhammadu has directed , with the use of both kinetic and non-kinetic in the rescue of the remaining 51 kidnapped Abuja Kaduna railway passengers.

In a statement released by the Senior Special to the President on Media And , Mr Shehu on Tuesday, the President re- the with increased in order to the case to a close.

This is after an earlier directive to the and agencies in , to the hostages back to their alive.

According to the statement, President Buhari also welcomed the return of the recently released passengers back to their and loved ones, while expressing a commitment to the families of those still in captivity, that they would be reunited with their families in the shortest time possible.

Earlier, the made a demand for the release of their own children and upon settlement, they let go of 11 of the .

Despite this, according to the statement, the undeterred and would ensure no stone is left unturned in efforts to secure the safe return of all the hostages.

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