Jordan Rodgers’ Brother Names Baby Boy After…


Jordan Rodgers’ Brother Names Baby Boy After…

Jordan Rodgers’ Brother Names Baby Boy After…

First comes love, then comes , then comes a baby in a carriage.

Well, not so fast. Rodgers, 33, did welcome a new to the Rodgers , but it’s not his and wife JoJo Fletcher‘s. It’s actually his brother, Luke Rodgers‘, who became a to his first with wife Aimee Rodgers on June 17. 

“My whole heart. Welcome to the Jack Jordan Rodgers,” Luke, 40, shared on June 20. “You are and treasured beyond . For those of you that know this has been a long filled with heartache and loss but God is so gracious in us to be the of this little boy.”

Luke went on to the meaning behind the baby boy’s name, , “Jack we your name because it God is gracious. Your name is for @jrodgers11 and we can only pray you grow up to be as generous, kind, , (and tan) and an man of character as your Jordan.”

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