It’s Poverty & Greed that will make a lady date a man…

It’s Poverty & Greed that will make a lady date a man…

A Nigerian man has taken to his social to publish a very insightful thread that showed copious why most girls love internet (locally known as Yahoo Boys).

According to twitter user John Doe, poverty and greed are the major reasons behind the decision to date yahoo boys.. even when they are aware of the implications.

His Tweet reads;

It’s that bad that some of these girls/ go as far as encouraging their boyfriends to get involved in it.

I read a story one time where a bought a for her boyfriend so that he can the yahoo “gang”.

Any girl that has this type of mindset will or may not make a good wife. It’s why these yahoo boys maltreat them like they’re nothing.

Young yahoo in their 20s dating

These yahoo boys pass up ladies around like tissue . And the part of it is that some of these are some other men’s “LOML”.

The system is so rotten that some small girls have been made to believe that dating yahoo boys is a “”.

But just like the lady in my DM said, “she knew what she was doing all along”, don’t you think that sounds like “let me just eat this money, when I’m I’ll him?”

If it does, then do you now see why I say you cannot use “money” to buy a woman’s heart?

Even if you marry her, what makes you think she married you because she “loves” you?

Let’s not even go into the aspect of yahoo ritual because that one is another topic on its own but it’s not unrelated.

do not believe in building anymore.

money, will come”.

are looking for men that will play the role of their fathers, what do you expect? Whether you’re into yahoo or not, whether you are dating a yahoo boy or not, you all are “victims” in the dating pool.

It’s a win-win or -lose or win-lose or lose-win situation for almost all of you.

Don’t come to this thread to talk about or involved in other crimes to justify yahoo. The topic is “yahoo boys and dating them”.

simply.. Almost everyone’s “white” is stained.

The question is…

How stained is your white?


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